Sell Your Lunch Boxes

So You Want to Sell Your Lunchboxes?

Here are some basic tips to follow when offering to sell your lunchboxes:

  1. If your intention is to sell your lunchbox at an auction site like ebay, please don’t waste our time by making pretend you want to sell it to us, just so you can determine a value.

  2. Include pics (jpeg or gif) and a list of the lunch boxes.

  3. Please keep your file size below 1 megabyte.

  4. All email offers are given a reply so if you don’t hear from us, we probably didn’t get your email. Try emailing again without any attachments.

  5. Paypal, Money Order or Cashier’s Check are the preferred methods of payment we use to buy your lunchboxes.

To sell your lunchboxes email: