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LunchboxCollector's $2 Appraisal Service

That's right, a $2 appraisal for your vintage lunchbox in any condition!

No price guides are followed because that is all that they are, a guide.
You'll receive a true estimated opinion of what your box is worth on the open market

Here is the process utilized for your lunchbox appraisal

LBC reviews the pics you send (jpg or gif) then considers the following:
    • condition
    • rarity
    • the manufacturer
    • age

LBC will appraise your lunchbox and combine this information and research to calculate an accurate value of your lunchbox or dome. Expect between 1 - 2 weeks to appraise your lunchbox and mail the card to you. Just remember to follow the Submission Guidelines for an accurate appraisal.

Here's an actual email from one of the LBC's satisfied customers:

Thanks for the appraisal on the Dudley Do-Right lunchbox, super job!
I was out of town all week and I just got the appraisal card you sent
I'm very pleased with the results.
Thanks Again,

The benefits of having an official appraisal for your vintage metal lunchbox is to let people know a third party has judged the true merits of your item with an unbiased opinion. You can use the report for insurance purposes in case of theft, damge or even to determine resale value.

NOTE: The appraisal and all other information you receive is solely an opinion and does not make, Inc. responsible in any way for any losses or gains that might occur as a result of your actions with the information that you have obtained from us.

Get your lunchbox appraised today!

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